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Selling a Home in Baltimore County or Harford County, Maryland



Selling your home in Baltimore or Harford County, Maryland is an involved process that affects your family and your future.  Before you begin the home selling process for your Baltimore County or Harford County, Maryland home you need to have as much up to date information as you can about the current real estate market in your immediate area.  A good place to start this process is by CONTACTING A LOCAL REAL ESTATE AGENT to assist you!  Make sure you read the tips at the bottom of the page on how to hire a real estate agent in Maryland to sell your home.  Your Maryland real estate agent should be able to assist you and your family with answering the following questions:

  • When should you sell?

  • How do you get the best price?

  • What kinds of improvements, renovations, or home staging should be completed prior to listing your house for sale?

  • How do you determine the correct listing price for your home?

  • Where do you plan on moving to once your home sells?

  • How do you successfully market your home in today’s real estate environment?

  • What is a realistic timeline on how long it may take to close the sale?

  • What is a realistic estimate that you can expect to walk away with when all is said and done from the settlement table?


Prior to listing your Baltimore County or Harford County home for sale you should arrange to have your real estate agent come over to view your home with you for a FREE IN HOME CONSULTATION which should be set up at a convenient time around your schedule (even if it is in the evening or on the weekend).  Most of America's BEST Real Estate Agents know that you can’t work real estate Monday through Friday 9:00AM – 5:00PM!





Mike Klijanowicz will set up your FREE in home seller consultation around your schedule and will arrive on time for the appointment.  Mike will briefly go over his agenda with you for the entire appointment and then start by taking a tour of your home with you.  As you go through your home with Mike, he will give you detailed expert advice for each room in your home on how to stage and decorate it in a way to make it the most appealing to the buyers eye.  He will be brutally honest with you and will point out the positive and the negative aspects and features that your home offers.  Mike has a vast network of various experienced contractors, electricians, plumbers, handymen, landscapers, stagers, etc. in case there is an improvement that you are considering completing but can’t do it on your own.   He will also provide you with a FREE HOME SELLERS CHECKLIST during his visit to help you prepare your home for sale just prior to the listing appearing on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and is then downloaded to thousands of other websites all over the internet.  REMEMBER YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE AT A FIRST IMPRESSION!



Once the home tour is completed Mike Klijanowicz will sit down with you and go over a list of various questions with you to help determine the best course of action for you depending on your own personal situation.  He understands that people sell for hundreds if not thousands of different reasons and that every transaction with every one of his clients is unique.  The most common reasons most people sell are: upgrading to a larger home, downsizing to a smaller home, getting divorced, relocating for work or family, building a new home, moving into a retirement home, selling a family members estate, short sales because they can no longer afford their home, and even selling to make a profit as a real estate investor.



After Mike Klijanowicz learns what your current needs and desires are for selling your Baltimore County or Harford County, Maryland home, he will go over his extensive Marketing Plan which shows everything that he does for ALL of his sellers so they can rest assured that they are getting maximum marketing exposure for their homes to as many possible prospects 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (WHERE THE REAL BUYERS ARE SEARCHING)!  As part of his marketing plan presentation, he will explain everything he does from the beginning to the end: taking the photos, editing the photos, writing the remarks, "pre-marketing" your home online, advertising your home all over the internet, creating full color flyers for the inside and outside of your home, advertising and marketing strategies on the social media and the rest of the internet, discuss tips on how to hold successful open houses and what you should do when your home is being shown, explain his automatic online follow up feedback program from ALL of the showings and explain how all of his sellers have online access to see what the other agents and buyers are actually saying about their homes, and much much more!



Once you learn about how Mike Klijanowicz will successfully market your Baltimore County or Harford County, Maryland home for sale, Mike will go over a customized Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Report the he has prepared specifically for your property.  TO REQUEST YOUR FREE ONLINE HOME EVALUATION REPORT NOW CLICK HERE and Mike will complete an online version and email it to you within 24-48 hours.  It is important to note and Mike is required to inform you that this Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report is NOT an official appraisal which shows you an actual value of your property.  Instead, it is a tool that will show you what ALL of the homes in your immediate area have actually SOLD for within the past several months.  It will show you detailed information about:


  • When the comparable homes sold or their closing date!

  • How long the comparable homes were on the market!

  • What the original listing price was compared to the final selling price!

  • How much of a sellers contribution towards the buyers closing costs was given, if any!

  • What the approximate square footage of the home was!

  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms the comparable homes had!

  • Many other details of the comparable homes and their transactions!


Once you have had a chance to look at ALL of the most comparable sales in your immediate area, Mike will give you his advice on where he thinks you should price your home for sale in today’s market depending on your personal selling situation.  Pricing a home is not just based entirely off of the direct comparable homes that have actually sold.  You must also factor in the overall condition of the property compared to the comparables as well as what the current market conditions are at the time you are selling.  If you are selling during a buyers market (where there is a lot of inventory on the market and homes take a long time selling), then you need to factor in that you will most likely not be getting a full priced offer and are going to have to make some concessions.  If you are selling during a sellers market (where there are more buyers than inventory available and homes are selling within a matter of hours or days), then you need to factor in that you may be getting multiple offers over the listed sales price and have a plan in place on how to select the best possible offer for you and your families situation.

Ultimately the listing and selling price of your home that you are willing to accept is up to YOU, not Mike, since it is your money!  Mike will NOT agree to take a listing that is priced too high if he feels that it will not sell in the current real estate market.  He doesn’t get paid any money if your home doesn’t sell and it doesn’t help his reputation in the business or by getting any referrals from you in the future if your home never sells.



Once you have decided on your listing price and have a realistic expectation on what you may be able to sell your Baltimore County or Harford County, Maryland home for in the current real estate market, Mike Klijanowicz will go over a preliminary estimated net sales sheet with you that will show you approximately what you can expect to walk away with after the sale is completed when all is said and done.  Based on what you owe on a number provided by you, Mike will carefully calculate the other fees that will be associated with selling your home so you know an approximate bottom line number before you even sign the listing agreement.  Other fees associated with the sale of your home may include: transfer taxes, buyer closing cost help, payoff charges by your lenders, banks, or third parties, courier fees, FHA or VA fee required by the seller if your buyer is using FHA or VA financing, HOA (Home Owners Association) fees, Condo Association fees, and others.  There may also be some credits due to you in your favor as well like pro-rations for taxes that were pre-paid, pre-paid condo fees, pre-paid home owners association dues, as well as any money still owed to you from your escrow account.  This is THE MOST IMPORTANT NUMBER that you need to know up front because that is the amount that you will either be receiving or bringing to the table for the sale of your home to be completed!



In order to find a great real estate agent you can ask your friends and family for recommendations, drive through neighborhoods that you are interested in and see who has the for sale signs in that area, and of course go to the internet and research real estate agents in the area where your home to sell is located and see who you can find.  Once you FIND an agent check out their references and testimonials and overall online presence by visiting their ZILLOW profileLINKEDIN profileFACEBOOK page, and REALTOR.COM profile.  Once you have done all that contact the agent directly either through email, phone call, or text message, and see how long it takes them (or their assistant) to respond.  After you have found an agent that you like set up a meeting with them for a FREE home seller consultation to meet them in person so you can see if they are someone that you can trust and would like to work with. 




  1. Trust Your Instincts! - When selecting a real estate agent to work with, he or she should be someone you feel good about, someone you are willing to TRUST with one of your largest financial transactions that you may ever make.

  2. Ask For References From Past and Current Clients! - BEFORE you sign any kind of agreement, check out references you can find online from past clients.  The best website to check is currently zillow because the reviews and ratings and sales histories are verified through tracking IP addresses to prevent fraudulent reviews.  You should also be able to ask the agent directly for numbers and names of at least 3 past sellers.  ALL agents are not created equal and some have a GREAT website BUT have also NEVER LISTED AND SOLD A HOME!  Do your homework here because it could be worth TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!

  3. Ask For A Detailed Marketing Plan! - Request a step-by-step plan of what the agent will do to ensure you enjoy a SMOOTH & WORRY FREE transaction from beginning to closing.
  4. Interview the Agent IN PERSON! - Once you have narrowed down your choice then it's time to CONTACT the Agent Directly and set up a face to face interview with them.  Make sure during the interview to ask the tough questions so you feel confident you are making the right choice!