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Buying Services for Maryland Home Buyers

On this page you will learn how to buy a home in Baltimore and Harford County Maryland.  You will also learn how to hire a real estate agent in Maryland to help you buy a home.  Home buyers generally fall into 4 basic groups: First Time Home Buyers, New Home Buyers, Repeat Home Buyers, and Real Estate Investors. Each of these groups are unique and I specialize in helping each one of them with their home buying goals.
Many home buyers, especially First Time Home Buyers in Maryland, have no idea how to hire a real estate agent to help them buy a home.  First you have to know where to FIND a real estate agent.  In order to find a great real estate agent you can ask your friends and family for recommendations, drive through neighborhoods that you are interested in and see who has the for sale signs in that area, and of course go to the internet and research real estate agents in the area that you are looking to purchase in and see who you can find.  Once you FIND an agent check out their references and testimonials and overall online presence by visiting their FACEBOOK page, LINKEDIN profile, REALTOR.COM profile, and ZILLOW profile.  Once you have done all that contact the agent directly either through email, phone call, or text message, and see how long it takes them (or their assistant) to respond.  After you have found an agent that you like, set up a meeting with them for a FREE home buyer consultation to meet them in person so you can see if they are someone that you can trust and would like to work with. 
First Time Home buyers are a group that typically needs a good education on all aspects of buying a home starting with getting pre-approved to purchase and all the way through settlement. I personally really enjoy working with First Time Home Buyers because usually when the process is completed they are the most excited group of people, after all it is their 1ST HOME! If you are a First Time Home Buyer, I strongly encourage you to visit my FIRST TIME HOME BUYER PAGE and read the 10 STEPS TO HOME BUYING SUCCESS portion. If you have any questions or concerns, I am always here to help you out. When you are ready to make the decision to purchase, give me a call or CONTACT ME HERE and we can start the 10 STEPS TO HOME BUYING SUCCESS!
New Home Buyers are a group that often cannot find or has no interest in finding a home that someone else has lived in that fits their needs. They want their new home to be designed by themselves to PERFECTION and most importantly they want their home to be NEW! They want to pick their own floor plans, addition/bumpout options, flooring choices, cabinet choices, countertop choices, appliance choices, paint choices, landscaping packages, security systems, etc. When purchasing a new home there are thousands of choices that you will need to make. Additionally, you should know that most home builders will allow you to have a real estate agent represent you in the transaction and most will compensate your agent. You should also know that there are several things that builders do differently than a normal seller would do. Most builders refuse to split transfer taxes and require the buyer to pay them all, but most sellers will split transfer taxes with the buyer (this is thousands of dollars and is based off of the purchase price). Most builders also require you to use their preferred lender and/or title companies in order to get their “incentives” where a normal seller doesn’t require those terms. There is also an art to negotiating with builders that a seasoned real estate agent can help you with (HINT: it is not always about the lower price, but about options too). There are also several things that you can request from your builder that most of the time they will not bring to your attention, like getting a pre-drywall home inspection. If you are considering purchasing new construction and have questions or would like some advice, feel free to give me a call or CONTACT ME HERE. I have been through this process not only several times with clients, but also personally.
A lot of times repeat buyers know what buying a home entails and can sometimes vividly remember every detail of their prior transactions. However, many of them have never sold a home before and also have no idea how the transaction will work without them having to move twice. Most of these home buyers have to sell their homes first before purchasing another home. If you fit into this criteria, don’t worry you are not alone. I work with a lot of home buyers who need to sell their home first before purchasing another and even went through this situation personally when I last moved with my own family. My honest advice is the biggest question you need to ask yourself first is, “ARE WE READY TO MOVE?” If your answer is yes, then your next course of action is getting your home ready to put on the market. Do not make the common mistake that many in this group do and start looking for your new home first. What will happen most of the time, especially in today’s market since there is a lot of inventory out there, is they will find a home relatively quickly. However, because their home is not on the market and does not have a contract on it now, they will not be able to purchase the new home that they now love and want. A lot of the time they see the home they love go under contract and sell to another buyer because they didn’t have their home on market and/or under contract first. Of course there are several other factors that come into play here and everyone’s situation is different, so if you would like to discuss your personal situation and how we can design a plan of action together to get your home SOLD for as much as we can in the shortest amount of time as we can so you can purchase your new home, give me a call or CONTACT ME HERE and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about how this process works.
There really are two types of investor groups out there, beginners and experienced! Both investor groups have one common goal and that is to MAKE MONEY and as much money as they can! Beginner investors need to understand one basic fact, you make your money on the price you pay when you buy your home. Many beginners also do not have the tools or contacts in place to ensure a quick turn around time to getting their new properties rehabbed and renovated. A lot of beginner investors also make the mistake of not doing all of their homework BEFORE buying their homes and signing on the dotted line. Experienced investors have been through a few transactions and know the pitfalls and unexpected things that often come up when buying and renovating a home. However, a lot of beginner and experienced investors think that they don’t need to have a real estate agent represent them in the transaction and that if they don’t have an agent they will get a better deal. Many of them don’t understand that the listing agent works for the seller (most of the time the bank or lender if it is a foreclosure or a short sale) and doesn’t work for them as the buyer. Agents can help beginner and experienced investors with finding alternative sources of financing from banks or even hard money lenders, finding insurance companies who will fund a builders risk policy for their properties while they are vacant and being rehabbed, and helping locate quality contractors at good rates with quick turnaround times. Remember, successful real estate agents need to have contacts for virtually every kind of contractor possible because we deal with issues that need to be fixed very fast from inspection reports when the buyers request repairs from our sellers. And sometimes you can even find a real estate agent who is an investor themselves and knows first hand what it takes to be successful as an investor in any real estate market. I am an experienced real estate investor who knows exactly what it takes to be successful and can help guide even the most experienced investor in the right direction to help them increase what is most important to them, THEIR BOTTOM LINE! If you are an investor, beginner or experienced, I would be happy to give you advice, answer any questions you may have, or show you how you can improve your profits! All you have to do is give me a call or CONTACT ME HERE.
No matter what type of home buyer you are, I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please feel free to CONTACT ME HERE at any time either through this website or on my cell phone. I am always available to my clients 7 days a week and also work on holidays and weekends!
Please CONTACT ME if you have any questions about buying a home. 


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